WaterIntellect is a non-for-profit organisation established in 2004 under Dutch law and based in Hengelo, The Netherlands.

The aim of Waterintellect is to advance the research on simulation models and methods to analyse the water cycle. Understanding how the water cycle works and changes in response to external impacts is essential to sustainably manage and protect freshwater, one of the world's most valuable resources.

Fields of application of WaterIntellect's activities and research include flood and drought forecasting, hydrological analysis, water resources planning, evaluation of the impacts of land-use change on water resources and the feedback between climate  and the hydrological cycle. WaterIntellect also provides advice on risks related to water resources.


The mission of  WaterIntellect is to ensure that the research tools and knowledge benefit developing countries that are feeling increasingly the pressure of global change and the effects of climatic extremes, including floods and drought.